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Mac OS X: Where Did My Control Panels Go?

Preference and Configuration Summary

By Gordon Davisson

Copyright (c) 2001, Westwind Computing inc.

Control Panels:

Most of the settings managed in Control Panels under Mac OS 9 are managed in the System Preferences utility (abbreviated SP) on Mac OS X -- but not all of them, and which SP module controls what has changed a bit between versions of Mac OS X. So, this is a reference list of where to look under OS X for the settings you're used to finding in Control Panels in OS 9.
Under OS 9 Under OS X
Appearance Desktop Pictures: Desktop & Screen Saver SP
  or Desktop SP   or Finder Preferences
Themes: N/A
Appearance: Appearance or General SP
Font Preferences: N/A
Desktop Patterns: N/A
Sound Effects: Sound SP
Collapsible Windows: N/A
Scroll Arrow Placement: Appearance or General SP
AppleTalk Network SP
Apple Menu Options N/A
ColorSync ColorSync utility, ColorSync SP, and Displays SP
Control Strip N/A (replaced by the Dock; see Dock SP)
Date & Time Date & Time SP
Energy Saver Energy Saver SP
Extensions Manager N/A
File Exchange N/A
File Sharing Sharing SP
File Synchronization N/A
General Controls N/A
Infrared N/A
Internet Internet SP or browser preferences
(proxy settings in Network SP)
Keyboard Keyboard & Mouse or Keyboard SP
Keychain Access Keychain Access Utility
Launcher N/A (replaced by the Dock)
Location Manager Network SP (partial replacement)
Memory N/A
Modem Network SP
Monitors Displays SP
Mouse Keyboard & Mouse or Mouse SP
Multiple Users Accounts or Users SP
Numbers International SP
QuickTime Settings QuickTime SP
Remote Access Network SP
Internet Connect Utility
Software Update Software Update SP
Sound Sound SP
Speech Speech SP
Startup Disk Startup Disk system preferences
TCP/IP Network system preferences
Text International system preferences
Trackpad Keyboard & Mouse or Mouse SP
Web Sharing Sharing SP

Other Settings:

Under OS 9 Under OS X
Chooser Printer selection: Printer Setup Utility or Print Center Utility
File Server connection: "Connect to Server" in Finder
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