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1. Rebuild Your Desktop (8/9/00)

After a while, the Macintosh desktop can become corrupted. You can see this when some icons take on a "generic" appearance. But more seriously, this corruption can lead to larger problems in your system. An easy way to keep your system in good shape is to rebuild you desktop, which fixes those corrupted files. Just hold down the Command and Option keys at startup and your desktop will rebuild. Do this every few weeks and corruption will be a thing of the past!

2. Organize Your Desktop (7/20/00)

Tidy up your desktop by using a few easy tricks. Drag your open windows to the bottom of your screen to create pop-up window tabs for easy access, to your most used windows. Next, instead of keeping all your aliases on the desktop where they get cluttered and disorganized put them in a pop-up folder named favorites and then make the icons into buttons. This will save a ton of time and you'll be organized to boot!

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