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Asante IntraSwitch Configuration Notes

Asante IntraSwitch 6216M/6224
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Issue: How to set the beastie up

Solution: IP settings and password need to be configured via serial connection.

Initial configuration of the Asante IntraSwitch 6216M / 6224 must be done via the console port; once its IP and password is set, further configuration can be done over the net via telnet, HTTP, or SNMP.

The console port is a DE-9 female connector, DCE wired, so a Mac to DE-9 modem cable (or a Mac to DB-25 modem cable and a DE-9 male to DB-25 female adapter) is needed. The serial port settings are 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no handshaking.

Settings required for net accessability: IP number, net mask, and default gateway (router).

The password should also be changed before the switch is put on the net, as it apparently cannot be changed over IP, only serially.

The default password for the switch is "Asante" (note the capital A).

When connecting wia the web interface, use the username "IntraSwitch".

This Document Prepared By Gordon Davisson on 2/4/99

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