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Identifying Modems

Internal Modems
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Issue: Modem setup requires knowledge of modem characteristics

Solution: Either find a label, or interrogate the modem

Powerbook modems, when installed, should come with a label indicating the modem type and capability. Look on the interior of the I/O door, first.

If the label is absent (or ambiguous), you can still ask the modem to identify itself. Start up and run a terminal emulator (Zterm has a freeware version that works well) and type

and hit the return button. If you get the response
then the modem is capable of responding to interrogation. ATI, ATI1, ATI2, ATI3, ATI4 are the usual interrogation commands. The responses often include the telecom standards identification:
 V.90       56 kbaud
 K56flex    56 kbaud, pre-standardization variety #1
 K56x2      56 kbaud, pre-standardization variety #2 (not used in Apple-brand modems)
 V.34 bis   33.6 kbaud
 V.34       28.8 kbaud
 V.FC       28.8 kbaud, pre-standardization
 V.32 bis   14.4 kbaud
 V.32        9600 baud
 Bell 103     300 baud (well, maybe 600, tops)
 Bell 212A   1200 baud
 V.21         300 baud (very similar to Bell 103)
 V.23        1200 baud, one-way only
 V.22        1200 baud
 V.22bis     2400 baud

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This Document Prepared By John Whitmore on 12/3/98

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