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LaserWriter Driver Recommendations

Here are the combinations of system software and LaserWriter drivers that Apple recommends. "YES" means that this is a preferred combination, "X" means that the combination is compatible but not recommended.

System Software Version
3.2 6-6.0.6 6.0.7 [10] 6.0.8 [2] 7.0.x 7.1.x [4] 7.5.x
5.2 YES            
6.0.2   YES X X      
7.1.x     YES X      
7.2       YES X X X [9]
8.0           X  
8.1.x [1]     X YES X X X
8.2 [5]         X X X
8.3.x [6,7]         YES [3] YES YES
8.4 [6,8]         YES [3] YES YES

Note Description
1 The LaserWriter 8.1.2 driver was the last version of the LaserWriter 8.x driver tested with any version of System 6.x.
2 System 6.0.8 should use the LaserWriter 7.2 or 8.1.2 driver.
3 System 7.0.x should use the LaserWriter 8.3.4 or LaserWriter 8.4 driver WITHOUT the Desktop Printing extension.
4 Desktop Printing requires System 7.1 or greater.
5 LaserWriter 8.2 requires System 7.0 or greater.
6 LaserWriter 8.3 and greater with Desktop Printing requires System 7.1 or greater.
7 LaserWriter 8.3.4 can be found on Apple SW Updates and resolves the PCI Macintosh printing problem.
8 LaserWriter 8.4 is available on Apple SW Updates. It has many new features. If you have problems using the LaserWriter 8.4 driver, Apple Computer recommends using the LaserWriter 8.3.4 driver.
9 LaserWriter 7.2 seems to work properly on newer version of the Mac OS, such as System 7.5.3. Although Apple has not received reports of incompatibilities, LaserWriter 7.2 was not tested with recent versions of Mac OS.
10 Apple recommends that customers who want to continue using System 6.0.x, upgrade to System 6.0.8.

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