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MacSync Adapter Instructions


The Mac Sync Adapter was designed to allow users to easily connect their Apple computers on-board video and third party vid !o cards that support resolution sensing to almost any monitor. Apple computers and many third party video cards use a resolution sensing scheme. By testing the condition of the sense pins the video circuitry can detect what size monitor is attached. The adapter supports all current and future resolutions used in Apple's on-board video support.

In addition to allowing the resolution and type of syncronization signals to be changed, it has special sync on green circuitry that enables many older monitors to be used with the newer computers such as the Quadra 605's and 630's, LC's, AV's, PowerMacs and PowerBooks. These monitors can typically be identified by having 1 BNC connector for the greyscale monitors or 3 BNC connectors for the color monitors.


The monitor has thin horizontal lines across the screen.
The monitor is probably running at the wrong resolution. Make sure the monitor and computer both support the resolution you have set. Try setting a different resolution and restart your computer.
The screen is rolling like the vertical hold is off on a TV.
The vertical refresh rate may be wrong. Try one of the VGA family resolutions that support some of the other available refresh rates.
The screen is grey like the screen when the computer first starts.
The video is displaying on an unconnected video card. Remove any third party video cards from your computer or set the startup screen in the monitors control panel.
The screen is purple.
This is usually caused by some older incompatible video cables. Try another cable.
The monitor has a distorted, dim but viewable picture.
The monitor may not getting a sync signal. Try turning on either B 1,2 or A 7,8 and B 7.

Quick Reference Chart

12" RGB 512 x 384 (60Hz) 3,4,6
13"/14" RGB 640 x 480 (66Hz) 3,6
15" Portrait 640 x 870 (75Hz) 3,4,5
VGA 640 x 480 (60Hz) 4,5
SVGA* 800 x 600 (56/72Hz) 4,5
VESA* 1024 x 768 (60/70Hz) 4,5
16" Color 832 x 624 (75Hz) 4,6
19" Color 1024 x 768 (75Hz) 5,6
21" Mono 1152 x 870 (75Hz) 3,4
21" Color 1152 x 870 (75Hz) 3,4,5,6
NTSC NTSC (60Hz) 3,5,6
PAL PAL (50Hz) 4,5,6
MultiSync 14" 13"-16" 1,2,3,4 3,6
MultiSync 16" 13"-19" 2,3 3,6
MultiSync 21" 13"-21" 1,4 3,6
Radius Color** 1152 x 882 1,6 3,4
Radius Mono** 1152 x 882 2,5 3,4
For separate horizontal & vertical sync (usually 5 BNC connectors or a standard 15 pin video connector) turn on B 1,2. For sync on green (usually 1 or 3 BNC connectors) with newer Macs turn on A 7,8 & B 7.
* Set extended VGA resolutions in the monitors control panel. Hold down option key while selecting options for extended resolutions.
** Not available on PowerMacs and AV's. Substitute 21" color with A 7,8 and B 7.


  1. Set the sync by turning on A 7, 8 and B 7 for monitors with 1 or 3 BNC type connectors; otherwise turn on B 1, 2 for separate horizontal and vertical sync signals.
  2. Choose the resolution and refresh rate from the chart that corresponds with your monitor and turn on the appropriate switches. Not all resolutions are available for all models. Check the manual that came with your computer or video card for a list of supponed resolutions.
  3. After setting both the sync and the resolution, plug the adapter into your computer or video cad, plug the video cable into the adapter and power on or restart.

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