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Photoshop 5.5 & Altivec

Photoshop 5.5
Type of Product:
MacOS 9.0 or later

Issue: Photoshop enable for altivec

Solution: Pluggins are required

Altivec support for PhotoShop 5.5 is not automatically enabled sometimes. When you install PhotoShop 5.5, it looks in the application support folder for an Adobe folder that, depending on what type of install you have done, will contain the Altivec support plug-in. If it finds the plug-in, it is moved to Photoshop:Plug-ins:Adobe PhotoShop Only:Extensions: If the plug-in is not found, Altivec is not supported. My findings indicate, that if you do not do a Restore to the HD, then the plug-in is not there, and has to be manually placed. To manually place it, open the OS 9.0 system install CD, then open the adobe software, and the plug-in is in there. Move it to the correct directory.

Also, by default, the Async I/O extension is disable, which will effect performance. To enable this extension, open Photoshop:Plug-ins:Adobe PhotoShop Only:Extensions: Inside is folder labeled "~ Enable Async I/O" To enable, remove the "~" from the name. Note- Adobe warns of compatibility if you are not using Drive setup to format the drive.

This Document Prepared By Mike Hughes on 3/22/00

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