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PowerPrint Compatibility

PowerPrint by InfoWave
  Type of Product:
Mac OS 9

Issue: Incompatible with certain printers under Mac OS 9

Solution: Must upgrade to PowerPrint 5.0 for certain printers under Mac OS 9

InfoWave's PowerPrint hardware/software combination product allows Mac users access to a plethora of PC-compatible printers by including a cable that goes from the Mac's serial or USB port (two separate products) to the printer's parallel port as well as printer drivers for a great many PC printers.

It may be necessary to upgrade the PowerPrint software to version 5.0 for use with Mac OS 9. When I checked InfoWave's Web site I found that, for example, HP's LaserJet 6L requires the upgrade but the HP LaserJet + does not.

Until 5.0 starts shipping in all InfoWave packages, it may be wise to check their Website for the specific Mac OS/printer combination the customer intends to use for this issue. This information is listed under the link "click here for details" next to the supported printer name. Start at the URL listed below.

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This Document Prepared By Brian Huston on 2/28/00

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